Hell's Rebels

Adventure Log #00
The tale so far, plus experience distributions

Barzillai Thrune has come to power in Kintargo following the mysterious disappearance of it’s previous mayor. In addition to the reappointment comes a fresh list of statutes the new lord-mayor desires to enforce on Kintargo’s citizens. Seen as outrageous by the populace, an “unorganized” protest was prompted in Aria Park, across the street from the opera house Barzillai claimed as his domain.

A few various wanderers stumble into eachother and decide that being together is “just fine” so they decide to rouse the crowd, pocket some coin, and search for a one gloved man. Oddest fetish, I know. After a few hours Barzillai makes an appearance, and after struggling to make the impression of a noble leader, orders his lackies to dissolve the crowd. In any way necessary. Few resist, except some blood thirsty adventurers who are quick to oppose the various Chelish Citizen Group thugs and Dottari guards. After roughing them up a bit, they flee the scene and attempt setting the opera house a blaze.

XP: 2,940 was the total XP rewarded to the party, split among Park, Noah, Timothy, Nic, and Caleb makes 588 XP per person.

After they flee from the Scene, they come to an alley where they discover their contact and a squirmy friend of his bludgeoned by some thugs. They mercilessly unleash magic and wrath on the unsuspecting attackers, hastily dispersing them, all the while leaving a bloody mess all over the alley. The frog is ok.

Their contact, Rexus Victocora, thanks them and pleads they speak in private. After reaching a backroom of a local store, Rexus shares with them a little about himself and the one time he frolicked with a she-Dwarf in the Southern Forrests.

He still has not met his Dwarf son.

XP for this encounter: 675 total, or 113/ea for Caleb, Nic, Tom, Noah, Park, and Micah.

Rexus needs some brave and willing adventurers to begin a rebellion to oppose the newly appointed tyrannical leader. However, the party is not easily swayed and struggle to endeavor for something with little payoff as things stand. Victocora offers a reward for the party to investigate an old Silver Ravens hideout at the Fair Fortune Livery.

I have never seen a party more eager to break into an abandoned barn. The party arrive and suddenly burst into a chaotic frenzy as they beat the front doors with their weapons, axes, and staffs. Hell literally breaks lose. However, the door was penetrated by a small creature and unlatched from the inside; Causing the party to tumble in. They mull around a bit, slaughter some puppers, and attempt to fly and retrieve a signet ring hanging in the rafters.

That’s all for now.

Shawn, GM


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